Reservation "Inequality" Taxes were not enough so abducting money in name of Reservation

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Gate Exams
General =1500

Why this inequlity?why a person should pay more ?because my surname is not in any caste ?because my family earns more?how did you decide i earn more ?how did you decide they earn less? or if i earn more so who has given the government right to take extra money from me ? i have already paid the taxes !! reservation has already been served by peoples tax! if the gate exams for 100 people cost 100 rupees, and according to population ratio(70%=general+obc & 30%sc/st) 70 general /obc and 30 sc/st opted for exam , then if the government wishes to take 50% less money from minority group than the majority , then according to maths

(let x for minority and 2x for majority ;solve :" 70*2x + 30x=100" ; x=0.588;)

government will take 0.588 rupees from each 30 sc/st category people and 1.1764 rupess each from 70 general/obc people. why a common man needs to pay the double than any other ?dont you think this is inequility? if some group of people needed help for their condition , the government should pay ! why a certain person has to pay more ! all 70 majority group is paying 82.348 rupees , this is not equality !according to equality each person needs to pay only 1 rupee , and if some minority group (say of 30) needs help to half the price (30*0.5=15) . Then the government should pay the due 15 rupee earned by taxes paid by each and every citizen of this country. (and if in case government is not doing this injustice, why every applicant of the exam does not have the "true" data of the financial funding of the exam ??? this applies to each and every government undertaking like bank exams, national and civil services exam)

Attention to be drawn is that even if reservation is necessary government is looting people in the name of reservation , money for reservation must be taken only and only by our taxes(i.e revenue of government) anything else is the violation of constitution

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