India must declare ClimateEmergency

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As per IPCC and IPBES report, we are expecting a big rise of temperatures across the globe which can be in the range of 1.2 to 1.5 degree Celsius. 

Increase in temperature might increase the sea water level up to 5-10 metres high and many reports are already published that the coastal cities Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai might be impacted majorly. 

This climate change will have a huge impact on our lifestyle and eco-systems.

1. We are in almost in edge of mass extinction and we might lose lot of species, especially in ocean. 

2. This will impact the seasons of India. For example some places might have a big summer days and some places will have big winter to experience huge rainfall. Which means floods on one side and draught on other side. 

3. This might result in lot of new viruses and diseases both to mankind and the animals. 

And there are lot of impacts with respect to Greenhouse Gases and the Ozone layer.

All these are because of urbanisation, deforestation, pollution from the factories, farming and pollution from vehicles.


if ClimateEmergency is declared, Government has to take care of reducing the pollutions from various means, saving the nature and forests from deforestation. Enforcing eco friendly vehicles, reducing mining in forests and bringing alternate ways to reduce this mess before we have a mass extinction