Increase government seats for Neetpg mds and government jobs for bds

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Shree Narendra Modiji,
The hounorable Prime Minister of India

I want to shed lights on the current situation of dentist in our country. Despite of being in very respected medical field and even getting a government seats to study after lots of hard work,there is no future of dentistry in our country. Currently there are no sufficient jobs available in our country for dentist, moreover there is not enough PG seats available for students in compare to UG in this field. As there are seats available in majority for MBBS students only, despite studying in almost equal of years, basic of same education and even equal need for oral care in PHC areas there are no vacancies for dentist in PHC which is one of the major drawback. Currently a general dentist in any area of our currently is earning average 10,000/- a month which is a very serious condition and even 1/4th are not even having any kind of job in their respected fields. This scenario is even getting worse day by day. It is very shameful for our country that people of such field which has very high demand and respect in abroad, the field which counted as one of the best field at international level is suffering from such a critical condition in our so called advancing country. We are just one of those dentist who are surviving in this worst situation and fighting for our right and questionable future. So we demand u to take this under consideration and to take a strong immediate step on this condition.
Thank You.