Improve the infrastructure in India by emulating foreign nations' endeavors

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     Everyday we witness some  disappointing and uninspiring features of the ambience in which we live in. There is nothing admirable of living in a mediocre and a lack-lustre environment. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.  The government has the right tools and right ambitions but without a consolidated, revolutionary and a uni-directional approach,we will remain in the same state. There has to be an intervention in the local governmental bodies in order to make sure that the roads we utilize for transportation are properly maintained. Also, the buildings need to be designed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. And most importantly, the sanitation management has to be implemented in a manner such that there at least 3 disposable bins for every building. And the auto-wallahs need to be fined heavily if ever caught spitting paan on the road. Those who urinate on the side of the road need to be reprimanded with a hefty fine as well (Rs.1500 minimum).Same goes for throwing garbage on road as well.

    In regards to the geometrical aspects of the buildings why not emulate foreign structures with the same civil engineering principles applied. Regular maintenance has also to be implemented of the roads and buildings for at least one year each time. While performing maintenance tasks, there needs to be a proper ablution, sterilization, rust removal, and re-painting if the appearance has degraded. 

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