Hold Uber India Accountable

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Uber India claims no responsibility for its own drivers. Despite several instances of their drivers committing heinous crimes, they take no ownership nor do they train their drivers to be respectful, courteous and professional. They claim to be an aggregator but fail to take action against their drivers.

Their customer service in India is by far the worst. Further, they offer new trips to their drivers while existing trip is in progress which often results in their drivers abruptly ending the trip and leaving passengers stranded midway. 

While Uber charges us when we cancel trips, when a driver cancels a trip midway, they don't penalize them nor do they compensate us for our loss of time. A driver can cancel our trips and we don't get paid but if we were to cancel a trip they charge us in our next trip. This means that even when it shows a cab 5 minutes away and upon booking I find the cab to be 15 minutes away, I have a disincentive to cancel my cab and wait for 15 minutes (which usually means more than 20) because if I cancel, I'd have to pay more. This is an organized loot by the company and this must be stopped.

Through this petition, I want the government of India to bring in a regulatory mechanism for Cab aggregators and make them accountable and liable under law for the action that it's drivers undertake. As is the case, while booking an Uber, my contract is with Uber India and not the driver. The driver and uber India may have a separate contract but that is none of my business, if the driver doesn't offer me the service I deserve and am paying for, then Uber should be held responsible for it. With this petition, I invite everyone who has been mistreated by Uber's drivers or customer service staff to highlight their problems and raise their issues so that the Government can undertake prompt action against these cab aggregators.