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Helpless Army in Kashmir

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There have been numerous incidents which have shown us  how the Jawans are being ill-treated in Kashmir. You can have a brief glance of this through the whatsapp videos which have been circulating around, but that's just not it, there have been more such instances. These jawans cannot do their basic errands with peace. I saw a video where ones helmet was kicked off his hand, he was mobbed by the protesters who were screaming " Azaadi". Is this the respect they deserve for all that they have done for this country and it's safety? Just as these people have all the rights to go on the streets protesting at the top of their voices , don't these Jawans who have left their family and are on the borders protecting us day and night have a right, a basic right, to protect their self interest, to protect themselves from such disgraceful behaviour. Personally, I have been shook after seeing all this and after reading all this ,I am pretty sure many of us have. So I urge all of us come to come together, make a move, grant them these rights for their self interest and rights to maintain peace in the Kashmir Valley. If this decision isn't taken at the right time, it'll be a shame on humanity and soon The heaven of India will be transferred into Hell. And if this petition works, all of us will be contented that our efforts made them achieve their self respect and granted them their basic rights.

Please let's all be deligent citizens and grant our protectors their basic rights.





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