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Health care delivery system in India

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Healthcare delivery system in India - My reflections..

Today, I am paranoid, scared and terrified to go to a hospital myself, seeing the attitude of these doctors in private hospitals, who have no concern for the patients. I, as a common man am worried, where will I take my children in case of medical problem?? My rights as a citizen of India, to get a decent medical care are under siege.

Should I keep running around for second opinion all the time?? How should I trust my doctor?? Of course medicine is not an exact science, there r 4-5 different ways of treatment for the same ailment.. But, whom to trust??

I am not against Doctors making money, but the corporate culture to make money illicitly in the name of health care and drive the society into grief stricken poverty. Man can deal with poverty and still be happy. But would be devastated when pushed into poverty and grief by day light robbery by the people in whose hands they have entrusted the life of their loved ones.

All doctors are not bad, but there are some scum bags who dance to the tunes of their corporate bosses who are bringing bad name to the whole of Indian doctors.

There needs to be a check on the operation of these corporate hospitals. They are spending cores of rupees on the equipment and feeding the patients to these equipments in the name of quality healthcare. The Government has given licenses to them to serve the community and not to loot it.

The government should impose that a percentage of their investment is spent on the maintaining a universal patient data system and that the government hospital doctors be given extra duty of monitoring the treatment, if a patient calls a helpline and complain about the malpractice. All the history of the patient and the treatment given should be chronologically entered into the system, so that it is easily accessible to patients and other doctors. This would make them more transparent and the common man will have trust and faith in their Doctors.

Already the Doctor is reduced to a salesperson selling his services and lost the image of a well wisher of the community. This has to change and this change can only be brought by proper steps taken by the Government to bring about transparency in the system. The government doesn’t have to build hospitals and compete with private hospitals, but to bring reforms that would plug all the loop holes allowing malpractice and turn these slaughter houses into temples, where people are happy to go and willingly pay any amount of cost incurred.

Yes, the Government tried to bring some reforms recently, which was fiercely opposed by the medical fraternity. That bill tried to impose sanctions on money making policy of these hospitals by bringing about capping on consultations and procedures. The reforms are necessary not on the earning of the Doctor / Hospitals but on the ethical principles followed.

A Doctor is an artist, there are good artists and there are not so good artists and they make money according to their talent and the quality service the hospital provides. But I am taking about the Con artists in the medical fraternity who are not bothered about the community and are giving shoddy, unethical treatment to the public in the name of healthcare and looting them. These Con artists needs to be eliminated or put in check. Reforms are needed to protect the good artists and deal with an iron hand with the con artists. The common man cannot fight them alone, the Government has to step in and set up transparent system of maintaining a Universal health record system, linked to Aadhaar, which can be accessible anywhere. All the treatment given in the hospitals should be uploaded here so that it becomes easier for the patient to get and second opinion and in gross negligence, by court and provide quick relief to the victim, instead of him doing all the circus himself to get justice.

I want to feel safe, entrusting the life of my loved ones in the hands of Doctors. Money is not the question here. Getting quality health care, ensuring the well being of the patients by following ethical principles of medical care viz,

Principle of respect for autonomy,
Principle of nonmaleficence,
Principle of beneficence, and.
Principle of justice.

Is the need of the hour. And not getting financially and emotionally drained by visiting these Hospitals.

I need your support to bring about the below changes in the working of all private hospitals,

1. The patients should have the right for all medical records of the treatment given in the hospitals, without asking. 

You can see their bills, how detailed they are. Why can’t there be a detailed notes of all that has been done with the patients and the reasons there off.

2. Prevention the commercialisation of hospitals in case of DEATH.  The patient, (customer)  should be liable only for consumables used and all doctor fee and procedure fee bed fee... should be squashed. What is the use of paying for the mechanic when the vehicle has to go for recycling.. and no longer usable.. the doctor has utterly failed in his duty of saving the life. 

It should be left to the patients,whether he wants to pay doctor fee or not, it should not be mandatory. Then it will be up to the doctor to convince the patient that he has done everything possible to the best of his knowledge and intergrity for the patient and he deserves payment, else the doctor is not showing any interest in communicating with the patient / relative, just doing the procedure and billing, killing the patient and disappearing.. or saying some high medical terms which patient cannot understand... why should they pay for what they have not been made to understand what is happening with the patient??? This big loop hole has to be closed.. else patients will taken for a ride.

The Patient, inspite of all the efforts by the Doctor in making the patient understand all the circumstances leading to DEATH is unwilling to pay, then he can approach the court putting his points and proof as to why he deserves payment.  

3. Videographing of all the ICU patients. There is limited access inside the ICU, and this is rightly so to prevent infection and various other reasons. With so much advancement in technology it should not be difficult to have recording of what has been done to the patients in ICU, and the parameters of the patients also recorded. This should also be given to the patient mandatorily to have transperancy. 

4. Universal health record system - The Government of India in consultation with an ethical medical fraternity should make a system, where all the records and important information about the patients are stored and accessible easily from all private hospitals, by entering the AADHAAR number. All the treatment the patient has recieved in the hospital be it government or private should be uploaded to this system. The data will be of tremendous value in making health reforms in the future. 

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