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GST 0℅ for Sanitary Pads

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GST has not been applied on a majority of things, by the Indian Government, on things that are deemed a necessity. Here, according to the Indian Government, sindoor, bindi, bangles and even condoms are deemed a necessity. What's shocking is that sanitary pads are NOT considered necessary. Yes, the sanitary pads that help women stay hygienic, carefree and comfortable.

Thinking about the women whose career depends on sports, the women who work, or even the girls who go to school, would have to discontinue their duty for a while, which may also include a couple of important days.

Bounded at home with a cloth that is repeatedly used, afraid of their clothes getting stained, these women may miss the important days in their life. We are in the 21st century, so why hasn't our mindset modernised?

Women are now paying 12℅ extra just to stay hygienic and comfortable.

Our government, the Government of India, the same government that promotes women's right has done this. Hygiene of those who give birth shall not be ignored and they should be able to live in a world go about their daily businesses, without the fear of embarrassment and in full comfort.

Therefore, I request everyone to sign this petition and bring this into the Government's notice.

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