Google kills democracy

Google kills democracy

3 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sudharsana Iyengar

India is a democracy that provides the space to voice multiple opinions. As part of the ethos of democracy peaceful ways of showing dissent are always encouraged. This has been under threat by Google's unwanted policing that exposes the varied outlook and involvement of Google in the sociopolitical affairs of a state. 

During the India-China standoff, Indians protested peacefully by
1. Giving negative reviews to tik-tok (this again when the app itself was criticized earlier for promoting contents devaluing severity of physical abuse against women)
2. Uninstalling Tik-tok and installing Mithron app.
3. Using 'Remove China Apps' to remove apps that originate from China.
This to me was the most peaceful way of protesting. Indians did not resort to violence on people from China who are living in India.
But what did Google do?
1.  It removed the Mithron App
2. It removed the negative comments on Tik-tok
3. It removed the 'Remove China App'.

I request you all to sign my petition.
My petition is: Google should not be given the power to remove peaceful forms of protests with a selectivity implying its involvement in shaping the sociopolitical factors of a state. It should not shut 5 million voices and wipe the slate clean. Remaining neutral is not curbing voices, but providing the space for it. China has done away with Google search engines, maybe India too should think about other alternatives. The technological space is political if certain views are curbed, and some are highlighted even more. This petition calls the Indian government to make necessary laws that prevent the monopoly and over-involvement of software giants such as Google, as this space is no more neutral and could be hiding larger agendas.

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Signatures: 173Next Goal: 200
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