Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman should resign

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The sheer arrogance, and obvious disdain towards common people and their pressing needs during the Covid19 crisis means that Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, who had already failed on all accounts of handling the economy, has now failed miserably as a leader too. We demand her immediate resignation and urge everyone to support this call. India's economy, its labour force, its students... everyone is facing the brunt of her arrogant and know-it-all approach. She has not once, provided any details about how the labour and workers stranded on the roads will get any government aid. 

She has also completely ignored the future of this country, the students. The 20 lakh crore package that she took 5 days to break down, had nothing, absolutely nothing in it for the vulnerable sections of society. Be it migrants, be it students, be it poor labourers. Then who is she exactly catering to? Who is the government looking out for? Why are the middle class being exhorted to pay part of their salaries into opaque trusts like the PM Cares Fund? Why does the Finance Minister not openly tell the nation how much money has been collected in the PM Cares Fund?

These, and many more questions have no answers, and now is the time to put our word in, and get some accountability. The ensuing chaos is a result of the fence sitting that so many like oursleves have done over the past few years. But no more, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman has to go, and she has to go now! The future of millions, and the collective future of our nation is at stake. I implore everyone to join this petition, share it and pressurise this anti-people government to sit up, and take notice of the chaos it has imposed upon the common people.