Fight against RAPE

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WOMEN: you call her a caring mother, an adorable sister and a lovely companion. Are u worried for her safety? is she really safe? Every now and then we hear of crimes bestowed like surprise gifts for her. “If a guy teases you, lower your head and start moving” said our parents for they feared that we might get attacked with acid or something more severe than that…Yes you guessed it right “RAPE”.

Every time I read a paper there will be one or more incidents of a girl being molested or raped, from a new born to a 90-year-old all are being victims of it. And what is our so called government doing to curb all this, ”We will fight for women rights. We will make sure that they are safe even if it is 12 in the night”, and yes! we see the glorious results.

And what can we as a woman do to ensure that we are safe; carry a pepper spray/ chilli powder,seriously!!!!!  When some bastards attack us, should we open our purse find the pepper spray and start spraying on them…really? NO WE CAN’T. Our life is much more beyond that 70mm screen where everything seems possible.

Gone are the days when all that a victim of this barbaric acts used to do was sit at home and suffer silently because her family’s “MAAN MARYADA” was at stake. Enough is enough we can’t take this anymore. We can’t see our friends, our sisters or our mothers being victims of this. Ensure that whoever dares to commit such heinous crimes be hanged and that to within days of the judgement and not years together wherein he can enjoy all the privileges in jail. Countries like Poland and Saudi Arabia have strong laws in place why don’t we implement them. If it is working well there to curb this menace it will sure as hell work here too. India needs to enlighten itself on this front. It’s high time now,we will no longer bear all this.