Every Online Retailer Should Display Country of Manufacture

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The world is being inundated with products from China, that are unfairly priced, using questionable manufacturing practices. Policies of the Chinese government also actively encourage such dumping, all the while closing its borders to fair imports from the rest of the world.

India and its consumers are disadvantaged by this practice. If online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart/Walmart prominently display the "Place of Manufacture" information prominently in their listing, consumers can make informed purchase decisions. Today, for an Indian, knowing if a product is manufactured in China is of immense importance.

This petition is to (a) insist that all online retailers display Place of Manufacture prominently against every product they sell and (b) ask Government of India to enact laws that mandate every online product vendor prominently state "Place of Manufacture" against every product a vendor sells.

You & I should stand up against this economic bullying by China, and one way is to shun Chinese products progressively, allowing other countries including India manufacture and offer more choices to the Indian consumer.