Empower and Equip our Women and Children

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Saptarshi Datta
3 years ago
I've seen women train in martial arts. They are not to be messed with. This is highly beneficial.

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Alpana Chaubey
3 years ago
Dear Petitioner I have signed your Petition. Kindly support my Petition too by signing & forwarding it. My Petition link is

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Anita Kanitz
3 years ago
"We can change the world for a better future, if we only have the courage to do it."
-Anita Kanitz

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

"The kind people treat you shows you what kind of people they are!"
- Anita Kanitz

"Forced FGM connected with sexual torture, attempted sexual murder, forced and child marriage, sex slavery and child rape is the most heinous crime of men in all countries worldwide. We must stop this barbaric crime forever, that has it's roots in patriarchy and the planned femicide by men worldwide."
-Anita Kanitz

"If you are female, you are in danger the whole life from birth on and before. You are in danger to be murdered, raped, tortured, mutilated, abused, beaten, enslaved, executed and imprisonend all the time. And it never ends! From the beginning of patriarchy on this happend again and again, everywhere and worldwide. Only we women can end this evil circle, now or never."
-Anita Kanitz

"Pornography is the instruction. Rape and femicide the practice."
-Anita Kanitz

"Prostitution and pornography is paid rape, sexual torture, sexual humilation and mutilation, nothing more and nothing less."
-Anita Kanitz

We are living in a world with extreme misogyny, sexism, rape culture and violence against women, girls, female childs and babies.There are hate crimes like femicide, female infanticide, cruel rapes, gang rapes, mass rapes, war rapes ,child rapes, corrective rape, gang rapes connected with torture,mutilation and burning alive of lesbians, campus rape, date rape, marital rape, heinous rape porns, child porns, forced prostitution, sex slavery, dowry murder, FGM, child marriages, forced marriages, sexual and domestic violence and murder, acid attacks, honour killings, sexual murder, sexual torture, forced dangerous and painful sexual practices like BDSM, witch hunts, widow murder, human trafficking, sex trafficking connected with child prostitution and child trafficking, abductions connected with rape, torture, forced marriages, enslavement and murder connected with religous persecution of women, girls and female childs like in the Islam and the Hinduism,street harassment, workplace and school harassment, catcalling, Eve teasing, sexual mob harassment, online harassment, cyber bullying and stalking, cruel punishments for female victims like stoning, lashing, imprisonment, sadistic stalking, religious hate speech and persecution, lack of human rights, contraception and education, forced and sexist dress codes, hate speech in the society, the media and the religion, violence during childbirths.

I am a survivor of extreme women hating. My muslim bosnian Stalker and ex-tenant with australian nationality and his friends send me rape porns, bestiality porns, child porns, rape threats and called me a slut, which deserves rape. And I am a victim of cyber crimes, internet slandering, online defamation, cyber bullying, gang stalking, telephone terror, damages of property, burglary attempts and idenity thefts too.

“In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens.”
― Judith Lewis Herman, Trauma and Recovery

“Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.”
― Jessica Valenti, The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women

“... in practice the standard for what constitutes rape is set not at the level of women's experience of violation but just above the level of coercion acceptable to men.”
― Judith Lewis Herman

“I don’t believe rape is inevitable or natural. If I did, I would have no reason to be here. If I did, my political practice would be different than it is. Have you ever wondered why we [women] are not just in armed combat against you? It’s not because there’s a shortage of kitchen knives in this country. It is because we believe in your humanity, against all the evidence.”
― Andrea Dworkin

Horrible rape cases:

Murder of Oksana Makar, Ukraine,2012:

The murder of Oksana Makar took place in March 2012 in Ukraine, garnering extensive media coverage both at home and abroad and leading to mass protests. Oksana Makar, aged 18, was attacked by three men in the city of Mykolaiv on 8 March 2012: she was raped, strangled, set alight and left to die though she survived another three weeks after being taken to hospital. Makar, aged 18, was attacked, allegedly by three men, in Mykolaiv in the south of Ukraine on the night of 8–9 March 2012. There are conflicting accounts on the details of how the suspects and victim knew each other and what occurred on the evening of the murder, but it is not disputed that Makar met at least two of her attackers in the Rybka, a pub in Mykolaiv, and they all went to an apartment belonging to one of the cruel attackers. It has been alleged that Prisyazhnyuk knew Makar before they met on 8 March and planned the crime although this has been denied by Makar's mother. Three men raped Makar at the apartment and attempted to strangle her with a cord. After that, they took Makar who was barely conscious, moved her to a nearby construction site, wrapped her in a blanket and set her on fire that was burning during the whole night. She was discovered the next morning, still conscious, by a passing motorist and taken to a hospital. She had suffered burns to 55 percent of her body and received lung damage due to smoke inhalation. She lost both legs and one arm. Her case became a cause célèbre in Ukraine when only one of the attackers was charged by the police. The other two, whose parents were reported to be former government officials, were released on police bail, allegedly because of personal connections of their parents. They were later rearrested after a public outcry and mass protests on 13 March. Protests demanding justice, to gather funds and encourage blood donations continued after the arrest as well.

2012 Delhi gang rape, Jyoti Singh, India:

The 2012 Delhi gang rape case involved a rape and fatal assault that occurred on 16 December 2012 in Munirka, a neighbourhood in South Delhi. The incident took place when a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern, Jyoti Singh Pandey, was beaten, gang raped, and tortured in a private bus in which she was traveling with her friend, Awindra Pratap Pandey. There were six others in the bus, including the driver, all of whom raped, beat, mutilated the woman and beat her friend. Delhi Bus Gang Rape Victim Has Intestines Removed As Shocking Details Of Assault Emerge! It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines... That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines,” said a doctor at Safdarjung Hospital where the woman was treated. Eleven days after the assault, she was transferred to a hospital in Singapore for emergency treatment but died from her injuries two days later. The incident generated widespread national and international coverage and was widely condemned, both in India and abroad. Subsequently, public protests against the state and central governments for failing to provide adequate security for women took place in New Delhi, where thousands of protesters clashed with security forces. Similar protests took place in major cities throughout the country. Since Indian law does not allow the press to publish a rape victim's name, the victim has become widely known as Nirbhaya, meaning "fearless", and her life and death have come to symbolise women's struggle to end the rape culture in India and the long-held practice of either denial of its existence within the country, or otherwise blaming the victim rather than the perpetrator.

All the accused were arrested and charged with sexual assault and murder. One of the accused, Ram Singh, died in police custody from possible suicide on 11 March 2013 in the Tihar Jail. According to some published reports, the police say Ram Singh hung himself, but defense lawyers and his family suspect he was murdered. The rest of the accused went on trial in a fast-track court; the prosecution finished presenting its evidence on 8 July 2013. The juvenile, Raju was convicted of rape and murder and given the maximum sentence of three years' imprisonment in a reform facility. On 10 September 2013, the four remaining adult defendants were found guilty of rape and murder and three days later were sentenced to death by hanging. On 13 March 2014, Delhi High Court in the death reference case and hearing appeals against the conviction by the lower Court, upheld the guilty verdict and the death sentences.

As a result of the protests, in December 2012, a judicial committee was set up to study and take public suggestions for the best ways to amend laws to provide quicker investigation and prosecution of sex offenders. After considering about 80,000 suggestions, the committee submitted a report which indicated that failures on the part of the government and police were the root cause behind crimes against women. In 2013, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013 was promulgated by President Pranab Mukherjee, several new laws were passed, and six new fast-track courts were created to hear rape cases. Critics argue that the legal system remains slow to hear and prosecute rape cases, but most agree that the case has resulted in a tremendous increase in the public discussion of crimes against women and statistics show that there has been an improvement in the number of women willing to file a crime report. However, in December 2014, the second anniversary of the attack, the girl's father called the promises of reform unmet and said that he felt regret in that he had not been able to bring justice for his daughter and other women like her.

A BBC documentary titled India's Daughter based on the attack was broadcast in the UK on 4 March 2015. Indian-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta's 2016 film Anatomy of Violence was also based on the incident, exploring the social conditions and values in Indian society that made it possible.

Kelly Anne Bates case, 1996, U.K.:

Bates was horrifically raped, mutilated and tortured for days before her tormentor finally killed her. Below are a few examples of what she went through.

Kelly Anne Bates (18 May 1978 – 16 April 1996) was a British teenager who was murdered in Manchester on 16 April 1996 when aged 17. She was tortured over a period of four weeks, including having her eyes gouged from their sockets up to three weeks before her death, by her partner James Patterson Smith (born c. 1948) before being drowned in a bathtub.

According to Wikipedia, she endured the following specific injuries:

Scalding to her buttocks and left leg
Burns on her thigh caused by the application of a hot iron
A fractured arm
Multiple stab wounds caused by knives, forks and scissors
Stab wounds inside her mouth
Crush injuries to both hands
Mutilation of her ears, nose, eyebrows, mouth, lips and genitalia
Wounds caused by a spade and pruning shears
Both eyes gouged out
Later stab wounds to the empty eye sockets
Partial scalping

Junko Furuta case, the most horrible rape case in human history, Japan, 1988:

Furuta was a 17-year-old Japanese girl whose case became known as the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case.” Furuta was kidnapped by four teenage boys and, aside from the brutality of the assaults against her, the most disturbing thing is that she was held at one of the kidnapper’s houses and his parents were present the entire time, knew what was going on, and did nothing to stop it.The 44 Hellish Days of Junko Furuta: A Fate Worse Than Death:Furuta was severely beaten. Her face was held against the concrete floor and she was jumped on. Her hands were tied to the ceiling and she was used as a punching bag until her ruptured internal organs caused blood to run from her mouth.Junko Furuta's nose was so filled with blood that she could only breathe out of her mouth. Dumbbells were dropped directly onto her stomach. She couldn't keep water down due to the damage to her internal organs.At one point, Furuta tried to escape. She was caught and severely punished. She was repeatedly burned with lit cigarettes placed directly onto her bare skin.Flammable liquid was poured onto Junko's feet and legs. She was then lit on fire. She could no longer walk due to the severe burns on her legs. A bottle was inserted into her anus, causing horrific injuries.Furuta was beaten with bamboo sticks. Fireworks were inserted into her anus and lit. Foreign objects were inserted into her vagina and anus, including a still-lit light bulb.Junko's hands were smashed by weights and her fingernails were cracked. She was beaten with a golf club and an iron rod. She was forced to sleep outside on the balcony in the winter. She was repeatedly burned to the point where she went into convulsions.Hot wax was dripped onto Furuta's face. Her eyelids were burned with a cigarette lighter. Her left nipple was forcibly removed with pliers. Scissors were inserted into her vagina.On January 4, 1989, Furuta was severely beaten with an iron barbell. Lighter fluid was poured onto her legs, arms, face, and stomach, and then lit on fire. Later that day, after enduring 44 days of torture, Junko Furuta finally succumbed to her injuries and died.

Also extremely disturbing is that Furuta turned 17 while she was in captivity and enduring these horrors. There’s something tremendously upsetting about that.

From the Wiki:

To avoid concern over her abduction, the perpetrators forced Furuta to call her parents and tell them that she would be staying at a friend’s house for a while. Over the course of her confinement, Furuta was repeatedly raped, beaten, and tortured by her four captors until they killed her. The parents of Kamisaku were present in the home for at least a part of the time that Furuta was held captive, and though she pleaded with them for help, they did not intervene, later claiming that they feared their son too much to do so.

The killers hid her corpse in a 208-litre oil drum filled with concrete. They disposed of the drum in a tract of reclaimed land in Kōtō, Tokyo.Furuta's killers received extremely lenient sentences. They have all since been released. Kamisaku, considered to be the ringleader, was subsequently sent back to prison for attacking another man. Again, he has since been released.

Monsters on earth: The Toolbox Killers, 1979, U.S.,

The transcript of what happened to Shirley Ledford at the hands of Toolbox Killers Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris is the most disturbing thing you will ever come across.

An excerpt from the transcript:

“At this point, after Bittaker had forced Shirley to fellate him, repeated sounds of an administered beating, interspersed with loud screams can be heard as Bittaker savagely beat Shirley about the breasts and, to a lesser degree, head. Bittaker then extracted his pliers from the tool box. Shirley then emits several high-pitched, prolonged screams and cries of agony as Bittaker alternately squeezes and twists her labia, clitoris, nipples and breasts with the pliers. Bittaker then returns the pliers to the tool box. Banging sounds can also be heard throughout, which are believed to have been made as Shirley came into contact with the walls and inner contents of the van as she writhed and flailed.”

Ledford: My God! Please stop it! (Screams)
Bittaker: Is the recorder going?
Norris: Yeah!
Bittaker: Scream baby! Scream some, baby.
Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker (born September 27, 1940) and Roy Lewis Norris (born February 5, 1948) are American serial killers and rapists known as the Tool Box Killers, who together committed the kidnap, rape, torture, and murder of five teenage girls over a period of five months in southern California in 1979.

Described by FBI Special Agent John Douglas as the most disturbing individual upon whom he has ever performed a criminal profile. Bittaker was sentenced to death for five murders on March 24, 1981, and is currently incarcerated on death row at San Quentin State Prison.

Norris accepted a plea bargain whereby he agreed to testify against Bittaker and was sentenced to life imprisonment on May 7, 1980, with possibility of parole after serving 30 years. He is currently incarcerated at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility.

Bittaker and Norris became known as the Tool Box Killers due to the fact the majority of instruments used to torture and murder their victims, such as pliers, ice picks, and sledgehammers, were items normally stored inside a household toolbox.

Sadistic rapist Lawrence Singleton, 1978 U.S.:

This incredibly depraved rapist picked up a 15 year old girl who was hitchhiking in California. After raping her, he cut off her forearms with a hatchet and tossed her over a cliff and left her to die in the desert. The 30 foot fall did not kill the brave girl who then managed to climb up the cliff where a passing motorist took the naked and nearly dead girl to the hospital. Six months later Singleton was on trial for this crime and swore he would kill this victim. In spite of his horrific crime and threat to kill the maimed girl, Singleton received only a 14 year sentence, the maximum permitted at that time. In a sickening display of poor judgment, Singleton was released from jail after serving only 8 years. Attempts to have this depraved creep move into normal neighborhoods met with protests, forcing him to spend his 1 year of parole (!) on the grounds of San Quentin prison in a trailer. Singleton moved to Florida where in 1997 he was convicted of killing a prostitute who he stabbed in the face and chest. This time he was given a death sentence, but died on death row in 2001 at age 73.

The Black Dahlia, 1947,U.S.:

The murder of Elizabeth Short, known as “The Black Dahlia,” in Los Angeles has been portrayed in numerous books and motion pictures, several rock songs, a video game and a death metal band. This famous case has never been solved, adding to the public fascination with it. The body of Short was found by a woman with her 3 year old daughter in a vacant lot, naked and dismembered. She had been cut in half at the waist, with a large slice from each corner of her mouth creating a bizarre smile effect. The body had been washed and posed on her back with hands over her head, her legs spread, and the two halves of her torso about a foot apart. About 5 dozen people have “confessed” to this crime, but each one has been ruled out by investigators. Numerous people had been suspected, including several celebrities, but never with anything near the evidence needed for a prosecution. The tremendous publicity and cultural references drive this case near the top. Graphic photos of her dead body at the crime scene and on the autopsy table are readily available on the internet and YouTube features videos about her case. She was the first known horrible case of rape, torture, mutilation with horrible murder after the Second World War.

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shivakumar gr
3 years ago
We have recently Celebrated Mother's day and this mean very much to me to sign

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padmaja kar
3 years ago
its important

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Puneeth Raj
3 years ago
Sexual assault, child abuse, physical abuse, rape and murder have been rising over india.

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Arjun P
3 years ago
We grow when we are together

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Anaveerappa Bomanalli
3 years ago
The society demand the self defence for women. We being men should respect her, protect her, let her to enjoy her freedom. Women is the beautiful creation of god, we can't imagine world without women. Its not necessary you have to do great things for women, if you are doing little small thing around you is also a nice job. Be a gentlemen not a bad guy.

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neha dua
3 years ago
Being a woman I understand the dangers an average woman is exposed to on a daily basis, irrespective of her age, religion, race, caste, skin color, marital status, financial status, etc. Self defense could help in instilling the confidence in us that we can fight back.

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karthik Raju
3 years ago
I support the cause