Does a public servant qualify top exam of the country just to be the Yes Man of the Govt.?

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 Most of the youth in our country aspires to be an officer and aims to bring changes in a system that is rotten by social evils like Rape, Corruption and etc. A Government officer of any department acts like a bridge between the people and concerned ministry but when he is stopped from speaking the truth, criticizing the evils prevelant in the system and calling a spade a spade how on earth can we dream to bring changes in our country. Are we not a democracy in name if we are not allowing people to speak freely against what is wrong and where we are lacking.


The youth icon Dr. Shah Faesal, IAS 2010 is being harassed for his sarcastic tweet against rape culture in India. He is accused of failing to maintain the honesty and integrity of his official duty. Ironical, is it not that we can't speak openly about rape in a country that talks about women empowerment. 


The main aim of this petition is :


1. To ensure every government officer freedom of speech. 


2.Weak policies of system be highlighted and criticized.


3.Changing the rules governing the conduct and functioning of civil servants.