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Government of India: Distribute free or heavily subsidized pepper sprays to women in India

In light of the recent brutal rape cases that happened in the capital of India, women need to be armed for self defense. Pepper sprays can best serve this purpose. Pepper spray are compact in size, and can be carried by women in their purses or shoes. When a woman experiences a threat from a person, she can defend herself by spraying the pepper on the face of the attacker. The spray causes intense burning in the eyes, and makes the attacker powerless.

I urge you to distribute these sprays free or heavily subsidized to women in India. This will empower the women to defend themselves, and the attacker will have to think twice before approaching any women.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Minister, Office of the Minister of State for Home Affairs
    Shri Ramachandran Mullappally
  • Minister, Office of the Minister of Home Affairs
    Sushil Kumar Shinde

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