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Discrimination-Poor and Rich

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This is a petition for those who think there is a discrimination between poor and rich people. Accept the petition if you are with me.

The rising prices of everything have made everyone difficult to live , specially middle class family. Poor and middle class family have to think again and again for buying anything for their family.Even if they have to buy any eating product they have to think several times that they can buy this or not.Their children are not as mature enough to understand their parents problem that makes them to buy for their children.

Now talking of Jobs,Poor and middle class people are not preferred to give Good wage jobs.The wage they are getting is not enough for their family.They can only fulfill their needs not more than that.

Poor and Middle class family are not given a same level as of rich people. I,myself being a middle class person can understand the problems faced by us.

Now coming to Rich class family,these persons dont have any money problem,don't have problem of any job.They have their business also which makes the source of money to them.They live a very happy family.They don't respect any lower class people.Rich class people roam anywhere in luxury cars,live in AC rooms.

Someone rightly said :-

Rich people becoming richer and poor people becoming richer day by day"

I Request every INDIAN citizen to accept my petition if you took my words right.Please share this petition as much as you can so that it can be spread all over India.

Thank you.

Rhythm Murgai

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