Declare Jind a Union Territory (जींद को केंद्र शाषित क्षेत्र घोषित करो)

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Jind district is considered political heartland of Haryana yet one of the most backward district of Haryana. Its per capita Income is half of Haryana avg per capita income. Despite being in center of Haryana no industry , no proper roads, no education hub , poor medical facilities plague Jind. 

Jind tried all political parties , all sort of leaders but everyone failed Jind. Now Jind want freedom from abject neglect that state govts of past 70 years and its leaders have inflicted upon Jind. Jind is not just for political rallies and fake promises. We want our share of progress. However , having lost faith in Haryana Govt , be it by any party only solution remains is to be governed directly by Center i.e Govt of India. 

We the people of Jind request Prime Minister of India and its parliament to please declare Jind as Union Territory and free us from 70 years neglect. You are our only hope