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Death sentence for crime against rape of nation - Financial Crime

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We are living in a country where there is huge difference in wealth graph of the people living in the India. Only 5% of the population have the wealth of about 80% of the whole economy of India, then comes the Middle class which falls in category of approx 30% which leads the life full of burden of responsibilities. This group contribute the major part of their share developing the nation, however the super rich group and below middle class contributes too but they do not feels the burden as the last one falls in exempted category and the toppers don't have the problem to contribute their share as they have accumulated huge wealth. So only middle class spend their whole life drying themselves developing the nation.

Still then some people comes into light with the big scam resulting the more pain and burden on economy of nation. Why are we contributing when someone like Neerav Modi, Vijay mallya and sushil Modi and lot more will come to exploit the wealth and the people contributing will only get the nation full of wealth deficit and developing stage only, and on the name of facilities accounting on the name of contribution, we will get nothing. Why are we paying taxes?

Just to make some people enjoy their life and leave the country with big burden on the economy and them on the name of facilities we will only get nothing. 

On one side farmer and middle class is committing suicide or resulting in murder for non paying the loan and on other side these people enjoying the lavish life with the hard earned amount of other people via bank loan or other means.

With this draft I request the whole mass to either stop paying taxes or give the death sentence to these big financial criminals who let the country under financial burden.

If rape is a death penalty crime then big financial scam is rape of a nation. Hope you will support and sign this petition. 

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