Death penalty to sexual offenders in India.

Death penalty to sexual offenders in India.

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Ragini Tripathi started this petition to Government of India and

The Change We Demand :

As the citizens of the nation, blood boils witnessing such horrific and gruesome crimes where a women's safety, dignity, respect and above all life is at stake. This is an attempt in order to bring about a change, enlighten and to make our voices be heard. The Delhi Gang rape Incident has left an unprecedented and ever lasting impression in us and has made us envisage that it is high time that there has to be a change.

We do believe that the reasons for occurrence of rapes are mainly due to the fact that there is a presence of attitude towards woman, that they are mere sex objects and children bearing machines, acceptance of domestic violence, encouraging victim's to compromise and a little conviction rate. one can take measures like educating boys at a very early stage in schools about the importance of women and how they have to be treated impartially and advocating awareness of gender equality across of the sections of society. But let these run in parallel with the following demands we have : 

1. We strongly campaign for Capital Punishment for Rapists

If not all the cases, make it mandatory for rape cases involving minors and children and cases which involve rape and murder because Rape has irreversible consequences and inflicts life time psychological trauma to the victim. When given the verdict, capital punishment has to be carried out with in a given frame of time ( maximum a year).Talking about Capital Punishment or Death Penalty, 58 countries use it ( including China, United States and India ) and 97 countries have abolished it, there is a huge debate as to whether to abolish it or not in India. Since 1995, India has hanged 3 men,Auto Shankar for multiple murders ,Dhananjoy Chatterjee for murder and rape and Ajmal Kasab for terrorism. The recent Death sentence was given to Nikka Singh on 13 March 2012 for raping a 75 year old women and murdering her. So this clearly concludes In India,that rape is not considered as brutal as murder, but in reality it is far more worst than it.Even after Capital Punishment is given, there are ways to post pone it for years and in some cases life time. The issue can be taken to high court, if rejected supreme court , if rejected then to the president for mercy plea.There are currently 26 mercy petitions pending with the president( including Afzal Guru's) and about 477 on death row.

2. Increase the minimum Life Imprisonment to not less than 21 years without parole( In case of Capital Punishment not possible) & Non- bailable

The present minimum life imprisonment in India is 14 and in many cases accused are given reduced sentences after few years, especially in the rape cases as it is a bail-able offence, the accused can walk free paying a fee. The law should be more stringent and no compromise should be made with respect to life Imprisonment verdict for the rapists.

3. Rape cases should have a Female Judge

There are recommendations that there have to be more women in the police force so that the victim approaches the police with fortitude and elucidate her experience unreservedly. Why not have a women judge who arbitrates the verdict? Wouldn't she be able to deduce the intensity and the brutal nature of the crime than a male judge would?

4. Special funds allotment and set up of fast track courts for faster judgement and rehabilitation centers dealing especially with Rape cases

Set up fast track courts in all the major cities, which govern and work with dealing only with the Rape cases and one of the main agenda's should be to achieve high conviction rate.This set up should be funded by the government and a portion of these funds should be utilized in setting up protection programs and schemes aimed at women security and rape victim rehabilitation and help line centers.The present back log in the Delhi high court is 455 years.

5. Sex offenders registration ( for Eve teasing, Domestic Violence and Martial Rape)

Government should set up sex offender registration like the one in United states, which allow government authorities to keep track of the residence and activities of sex-offenders, including those who have completed their criminal sentences or have been booked for Eve teasing or marital rape cases. This would help in restricting the offender to work in the presence of minors or having a job. In India, presently there is no law governing Eve teasing apart from subjecting the accused to a minor fine and Marital rape( Sexual intercourse with spouse without her consent) has been not seen as a criminal offence and worst punishment for it would be civil counselling.

6. Encouragement of Self Defense Mechanisms and usage of Pepper sprays

Government must take a strong initiative and encourage the use of self defense mechanisms through print,media,radio and sponsor the sale of pepper sprays and pepper guns.Today, If we do not take care of the rape situation as a pesticide to the modern society, tomorrow there would be many Nirbhaya's across the country. Judgments, laws and verdicts have to be made aggressively and with absolute no mercy so that there should be fear instilled in any one who dares to even think about committing a rape.

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