Death Penalty For Rapists In India

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Justice for Priyanka Reddy, a 29-year old veterinarian, who was on her way home after work, while 4 men consuming alcohol hatched the plan to rape her. One of them(Naveen Kumar) punctured the rear wheel of her scooter while it was parked. When she came back she realised her tyre was punctured. Another man (Mohammed Areef) from the group approached to “help” her. Another accused, Jolly Shiva, took her scooter at the pretext of getting it repaired and returned after a few minutes saying all the shops were closed. She was then raped. She was smothered. She died because the accused had covered her mouth and nose while committing the crime. The accused then wrapped the dead body in a blanket and took it to Shadnagar and burnt the body. 

What is happening on this planet? What is happening to people? Have we not a simple sense of respect and humanity? From Nirbhaya to Priyanka, nothing has changed. From the gruesome rapes of babies, to the heartless rapes of old women, nothing has changed. From the incestuous rapes of younger girls, to the “non-punishable marital rapes” in India, nothing has changed. 

Enough of protests and candle marches. Kill the rapists, don’t hang them. Make them suffer. I’m all for human rights, but if they are the ones responsible for someone else’s suffering, they deserve to go through it too. Every rapist deserves death penalty. People are turning into animals. We can stop that. We uniting & fighting for a good cause can promise a better future for the nation. Stats say that India is one of the most unsafe places for women. When are we going to change this? Till when are we going to carry out protests, candle marches and social media campaigns? It’s high time the government of India imposes strict laws for the atrocious acts of rapists. 

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