Death penality for rapist

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There is only a particular group of people do this cruel act. And all the nation and the victim have to suffer for this in thier full life. Women and childrens are been killed for no reason. If this small group is been sentenced to death. There will be huge change in the society. Next time each of them will not dare to do so. They should be hanged or the women and men should be given right to kill this kind of people. It will not be misused by any one, because the people who will misuse this will be lesser and any misuse of the law can be proven. Once the law is passed every one will have the courage to stand against this. Every human being in the earth have the right to live and have the right to live with full liberty. Please don't think that this is happening for few and i you don't have to be bothered about this. Tomorrow it will happen to your mom sister or even wife. Please don't wait till then start acting