Death or castration penalty for rapist

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Nowadays, we are very frequently hearing cases of rapes in india,  even kids are not safe here and rape cases are increasing day by day. There is no fear among rape attempting psychopaths because  they know that our legal system is handicapped  for rapist.  Thats why,  again and again, innocent kids are victim of this. yes i am talking about Asifa case that girl was 8 year old. was she not human? why our government  can not amend our law for rapist? why our law is having leniency towards rapist? I want straightforward death penalty for any rapist and castration  for those rapist who has courage  for doing this kind of sin with our daughters. Please think over it otherwise this country will become  rapist country. a strict punishment is must to instill fear to prevent auch heinous crime. human rights advocates please dont barge in here in such cases as rapists are not human.