Construction of Viveka Smaraka at Mysuru, Karnataka

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An information can be provided to you on the events happening at Mysuru, Karnataka. 

When Swami Vivekananda was a Parivarjaka, Before the plan to go to Chicago he had visited Mysuru and requested help from Raja (Wodeyar) of Mysuru province. 

He stayed at Mysuru for around 3 Weeks and gave series of lectures at various institutions in and around Mysuru. 

As we celebrated 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda (12 January 2013). By then Gov of Karnataka (BJP) had given full authority to Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysuru for the construction of Viveka Smaraka in the place of stay of Swami Vivekananda. 

But now so called Leftist and few politicians have started a Problem with the place allocated with illegal allegations and controversies. 

As the place allocated has a school which has 48 students (Who were forcefully moved to this school from far distance of 15 km) in it and they are against demolishing of this School. 

But Ashrama had a alternative to shift the school to a very near by Another School with just a distance of 100-200 mts. 

Viveka Smaraka does not mean merely having a statue of Swami Vivekananda, it will also function as a Seva Kendra, where thousands of students will be imparted moral, spiritual, religious, cultural education and a host of other short-term courses on personality development and such other subjects.

With these features, the Viveka Smaraka will become a spiritual centre, guiding thousands of youths everyday, thus making the Centre more purposeful and pro-societal.

So we request all to sign in the petition for Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama,Mysuru so that this issue is resolve quickly and work can start as soon as possible.