Complete shutdown in India for 15 days due Pandemic covid-19

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The next 15 days are very important for India in fight against novel corona disease. India has high population with pre-existing condition (which includes diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease) and this population could be severely affected with covid 19. As per WHO, India stands among  lowest  in hospitals bed per 10,000 in the world. In view of all these vulnerabilities, central government measures of partial shutdown (including Janta curfew) seems inadequate and only complete shutdown for atleast 15 days can save us. This must include shutdown of major  transport facilities like RAILWAYS and AIRPORTS ( except few special flights and trains) as these have huge potential for wide spread of this disease. We have no weapon to fight against this thing (virus) except social distancing and hence we have to take this step. We request Indian Government to implement complete shutdown and stop possible apocalypse.