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Change the name of India to Bharat

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Please join the movement to change the name of India to Bharat!!!

Did you know that the true name of India is Bharat?

The misrepresentation took place 400 years ago by foreign governments that believed they had the right to change the country name from Bharat to India.  This has been a great disservice to the people of Bharat.  It diminishes the rich culture that has given so much to the World.  Our country has shared the benefits of being vegetarian, ayurvedic medicine, practicing yoga, inventing zero, rich natural resources and advocating non-violence that brought a nation to its knees.

The fact is that, though "India" and "Bharat" are the names that are accepted by the constitution, the only name that is used officially for our country at many places at national levels(including the constitution itself) and at all places at the international levels is "India" and not "Bharat."

India is not the Original Name: It is the Bharat, the Bharat Mata and Mother of Indians

The name Bharat is a well accepted in our country, various governmental and social fields which is evident from the following examples:

1.  Our National Anthem

Jan gan man adhinayak jay he Bharat bhagya widhata

2.  Our National Pledge

Bharat mera desh hai.

3.  The word Bharatiy dand sanvidhan is used for the Indian Penal Code

4.  The highest civil honour given in our country is "Bharatratna.

5.  In the Daily Hindi Samachar on Doordarshan national network always uses Bharat for the word India.

A cricket match between "India and England" as Bharat aur England ke bich.

6.  We say, "Bharat mata ki jay" and never "India mata ki jay."

The World map has always been ever changing by names and boundaries.  This can be witnessed by the fall of the Russian empire to the collapse of the Berlin Wall.  These changes were brought by the people that believed in their country and their need to express their true identities.  It is now time for India to express itself as Bharat and follow in the footsteps of Sri Lanka(Ceylon), Myanmar(Burma), Ghana(Gold Coast), Mali(French Sudan), Mexico(New Spain), Philippines(Spanish East Indies) and many more countries that felt the need to revert back to their true identities. 

We are seeing identity changes in the country today like Bombay has become Mumbai, Calcutta has become Kolkata and Madras has become Chennai.  Here are a few more examples:

Cochine to Kozhikode

Bangalore to Bangluru

Mysore to Mysuru

The name Bharat is translated as:

Bha = Tej-glory

Rat - to be one with it (glory)

The only thing left now is for the country name to become Bharat.

Please sign the petition online and tell your friends and family about our quest to change the name of India to Bharat!

 Jai Bharat!!!

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