Central Vista worth INR 2,00,00,00,00,000​.​00 Another Shot At Mother India’s Modesty!

Central Vista worth INR 2,00,00,00,00,000​.​00 Another Shot At Mother India’s Modesty!

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Karna Bhati started this petition to Government of India

You may support anybody, you may belong to any ethnicity, class, creed, religion or caste. It could be out of line for some, but my dear and fellow countrymen, Our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a Maniac, he is ruining India.

Till my last breath and in my maximum capacity, I'll keep resisting him, his ideology, his acts, his stupidity and will keep voicing it out. I may get out on the road if the situation deteriorates beyond a certain limit, to protest on the principles of Non-Violence. I would be honored to have you, India would be honored to have you. When I say India, India has always been like a Rainbow of Thoughts in all these past 70 years of Independence, but this guy doesn't finds a place for himself anywhere on that Vibgyor, and he doesn't respects anyone else's. It is not only Congress’, it is more of our own Indian Heritage and is strategically being demolished, wake up my friend, in time, because in New India of his, nobody would be left with anything of theirs.

Narendra Modi is not only a name, it is in fact a synonym for authoritarianism, dominance, fascism, insolence, evil, vicious, hatred, even further more which Nobel Laureates couldn't pen down, couldn't formulate. 

I have nothing against Mr. Modi personally, he happens to be a representative of thoughts pertaining to a specific section of society, his and his believers’ presence is really important for a vibrant democracy, not only me, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi says it.

Whereas across the isle, pretty clearly it seems for Mr. Modi, India before 2014 doesn’t exists, he is obsessed with Congress Free India or India without Congress and to achieve that he will go crazy bulldozing each and every thing which he thinks in his mind somehow relates to the Congress, actually which isn’t true, it is India’s Heritage, no one else’s personal belonging.

On January 26, 1972 PM Indira Gandhi started a ritual of honouring the martyrs post 1971 Indo-Pak Bangladesh Liberation War at WWI’s All India War Memorial-India Gate by setting up Amar Jawan Jyoti, after which for 48 years various PMs on Republic Day payed their respects in front it and by then it got turned into a National Tradition. Now comes the astonishing part, on January 26, 2020 PM Modi broke this National Tradition, he didn’t went at Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, instead he went to National War Memorial, which was recently constructed under his term, now from here you may get a glimpse of the child inside him.

He is already done with destroying Teen Murti Bhavan, now is the turn of Centra Vista. Especially in the times of massive unemployment, lack of prime public funded education and healthcare facilities, huge economic fallout, our Prime Minister is helpless in front of the child which exists within him. I simply can’t understand, why do we need a new Parliament Building? People around the world keep their heritage alive, this guy wants to turn it into a museum! Or may be he doesn’t wants to sit in the exact same place where PM Nehru did, may be he is possessed by all the ghosts of our former Prime Ministers, particularly of the Congress’, may be he sees them all around when he walks into the Parliament. Now that’s enough from my side, can’t go further at his level of raw wisdom.

Our Parliament has witnessed the presence of our Founding Fathers from Chacha Nehru to Sardar Patel, from Babasaheb to Shastri Ji, World Leaders from across the Globe have come here and addressed our Nation.

I’ll be honest with you, my personal political beliefs are inclined towards the Congress, that’s exactly the reason why I don’t hold any kind of animosity or hatred towards the opposing political ideology of any other political organisation including the BJP, but I’m not affiliated to the Congress in any given formal way, I’m just vocal about my personal belief. As a common citizen I would say, in my opinion someone like Mr. Rajnath Singh or Mr. Nitin Gadkari would have done something sensible for India. But I’m also aware of the fact that it is their decision, who are we to poke in between, since Mr. Modi has done Politically so well for them, they have lost their sense of vision, now only one autocratic leader is controlling them, they are not able to see the kind of loot, plunder and destruction he is carrying out.

(Credits to Mr. Akash Banerjee for a Detailed Graphical Representation)

I'll begin it by writing,


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