Cashless to Casteless

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Cashless to Casteless……..

Given the new way of life followed by cashless economy, digital India, Swachha Bharat, Make in India, Beti Bacho- Beti Badhao and Give up subsidy, I think time has now come to give up our caste,
So ,we propose that every Indian should be given an option not to have the caste….in short “casteless”.
This means , in all the personal records , every citizen can enter “ No caste” as the option in front of the header ‘caste’.
Most of us do not need to know or use the caste to carry on with our lives. More recently, with many inter caste marriages the children of such couples would do better not to have the caste….
This is very similar to the NOTA option recently provided by the election commission and also to Narendra Modi’s appeal to give up subsidy.
Once the caste is given up, the successive generations should not be allowed to reactivate that option.
For most of us, being Indian and having faith in some religion is good enough…..
We should be known by our achievements in our field and opinions and beliefs, nothing else.
Once this is done, progressively the statistics on caste lines will become irrelevant and political setup will stop using the caste divide to their advantage
Please propagate this idea and ensure we make our society truly casteless