Not only justice but strict law

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Every single girl goes through some or the other kind of molestation each touching intentionally,passing comments (abusive)    while walking on roads.. railway stations ,standing in bus,etc... Is this is the freedom we have got? Thousands of women including baby girls ,old women are raped and what we do? Sometimes ignore because she was not our family member and sometimes make protests and candle march demanding justice!!!

Why cant the main authorities keep their so called "POLITICS " , "MONEY MATTERS" &"RELIGIOUS MATTERS"(WHICH IS  REALLY A SHITTY REASON FOR WHICH THE PARTIES ARE PROTECTING THE RAPIST OF THE 8 YRS OLD ASIFA)aside and for the nation sake make strict laws so that no one will think of raping or throwing acid attacks. 

We being the responsible youths of India stand by each other become one voice demanding justice for Asifa and stirct laws for a better and SAFE INDIA!!