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Petitioning Government of India

Bihar Ka Haq, Grant Special Category Status to the state of Bihar


This is important given the low socio-economic indicators which have led to an absolute dearth of development in Bihar and continued misery of its people.

Letter to
Government of India
You are aware of our continuing efforts over the past six years to secure a
Special Category Status for Bihar. Based on a unanimous resolution of the Bihar Legislative Assembly on 4th April 2006 I wrote to you on 3-6-2006 and further based on the resolution of the Bihar legislative council of 31st March 2010 again wrote to you on 10th May 2010. These Resolutions received unanimous support across the political spectrum and represented a truly non political approach based on bipartisan support on an issue critical to Bihar’s development.Thereafter a memorandum was submitted to you by the MPs from NDA on 23/3/2011 followed by further submission in a Memorandum dated 14/7/2011 by a delegation led by JD (U) National President Shri Sharad Yadav and signed by over 1 crore people of the state by reiterating their earlier demand.

You were gracious enough to constitute an Inter Ministerial Group which has since submitted their report. The Inter Ministerial Group (IMG) has suggested that Bihar’s Development Deficit needs special resource support to overcome the economic and infrastructure backwardness. Nonetheless, as if with settled predilections and hurried consultations, came to the strange conclusion that Bihar does not have a hilly terrain or a sparse population to deserve a Special Category Status. This was some what ironical, if not contradictory, because on several other key parameters particularly its proneness to natural disaster, high population density and being at the rock bottom of all development indicators should have led to the opposite conclusion. It is obvious that the periodic floods from the rivers emanating in Nepal on which we have little control the state government’s resources are stretched to build an effective flood protection system and also repair the damage to infrastructure and rekindle agriculture activity. Similarly while sparse population do create logistical and transport handicap, a high population density also have serious disadvantages putting a stress on gainful economic activity from land and difficulty in land
acquisitions for public purpose like roads, industrial estates, public institution and the like. Besides being a land-locked and a least developed state should have prompted the IMG to adopt a different approach altogether.

Such are the development compulsions to improve life quality, growth and
employment that lakhs of people from every walk and segment of its population assembled at Gandhi Maidan in Patna on 4th November 2012 to take a collective pledge to continue their struggle till a Special Category Status is accorded to the State. And we are uniting again on 17th march 2013 at Ramlila Maidan to take this struggle further.