Beginning of schools in India during pandemic

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School schedule was to begin in April 2020 for the new academic year 2020-2021.

But due to lockdown the school's couldn't open. It's interesting to note that the schools did conduct online classes so that they can demand fees. There is no clear policy or directive from the government of India  in this regard. No announcement has been made on national television yet on this issue.

Now the schools are urging the parents that the schools will be starting from 15 th of  July.

Ask the government to make it compulsory for the school authorities to sanitize the school every day.

How social distancing is going to maintained, should also be disclosed and to be known to parents.

Screening the children and taking family history will also be a task regarding which government should bring out the directive.

In all the private schools are wanting to collect full fees, not pay the teachers full salary and make maximum profit from the pandemic situation.

The government of India should consider bringing out a form and deceive policy on these matters for the sake of future citizens of India.

Let the government have one nation one policy in regards to how schools, government aided or private should conduct themselves during these testing Times.