Beggars carrying Drugged(sleeping) Children are kidnapped from other states in India

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As a parent I am always worried about my child's security. Do you see a beggar down the street carrying a sleeping Child? Why do you never wonder that the child is always sleeping? Let me tell you that the Child is drugged. 

It could be anybody's child; yours, mine, or any middle class parents out there who have made a complaint of a missing child and waiting for them to return home, hoping for police to take action. This is a big racket where a child is kidnapped from one state and then smuggled to another. Then they are rented to local beggars on a daily basis. These children are drugged for the whole day. There is no data whether these children ever grow up or die in this cruel act of greed.

I request you maximum people in India and concerned global citizens to sign this petition and request government of India to make a special investigation unit for this heinous crime. Data shows that 50% of the kidnapped children never return and their parents never get a ransom call. Also there's a suspicion that these children are used in human Trafficking and illegal organ trading business as well.

Those who are going to give an advise of government child helpline 1098, please keep your expert advise to yourself. It is unresponsive most of the time. Unless you are a victim, you'll never understand the real pain.

Please, Please, Please, Please, I request maximum people to sign this petition. Just keep a thought in mind. It could be your child too. What will you do if your child is kidnapped and never returned? Imagine the helplessness of those parents. Let this petition reach the Prime Minister, President and the Supreme Court of India.