Basic LGBTQ+ Rights in India

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There are many day to day challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ Community in India. Major issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community has not yet been resolved. LGBTQ+ people, as members of a social minority group, are suffering from various forms of socioeconomic and cultural injustice. The lacks of social recognition have an effect on the capacity of LGBTQ+ people to fully access and enjoy their rights as citizens. They are more likely to experience intolerance, discrimination, harassment, and the threat of violence due to their sexual orientation than those that identify themselves as heterosexual. This is due to homophobia (the fear or hatred of homosexuality). Some of the factors that may reinforce homophobia on a larger scale are moral, religious, and political beliefs of a dominant group. 

LGBTQ+ Rights struggle to find universal acceptance, In the coming years, the major issues for LGBTQ+ rights on a global scale will be: eradicating persecution based on sexual orientation; protection in the law from hate crimes and hate propaganda; equal rights and privileges (marriage, common-law partnerships, medical-decision making, wills and estates, parenting and adoption) and to work and educate others on homophobia and heterosexism. 

Major impacts on the life of LGBTQ+ Community.

  •  Dropping out of school earlier 
  •  Leaving Home and Family 
  •  Unable to find regular jobs, have fewer options than others. 
  •  Being ignored in the community and isolated 
  •  Unable to access various services and Unaware of what they are entitled to 
  •  Mobility, Move to other areas, (such as the city and urban areas) 
  •  Lack of family and social support 
  •  Migrate to other countries for seeking safer livelihood and acceptance 
  •  Rejected from Religion (Esp. Islamand some Christian Fundamentalist sects) 
  •  Attempt suicide 
  •  Decide to follow their parents to marry the opposite sex and then divorce. 

There is no short cut solution that can address the problems facing many LGBTQ+ people across India. 

  1. The need for strict policies against LGBTQ+ Bullying.
  2. A small fixed amount of budget to spread awareness.
  3. A complete ban on conversion therapies.
  4. Intersex minors must be protected from invasive surgical procedures.
  5. It must be Mandatory to build toilets for the third gender across the nation.
  6. People from LGBTQ+ Community should be allowed to serve in Military.
  7. Initiating income generation programmes throughout the country
  8. Basic Sex Education must be provided in the education system.
  9. MSMs should be allowed to donate blood.
  10. Legalization of Same-sex marriage.
  11. LGBTQ+ Community Must be allowed to adopt children.

Please share this Petition so that each and every member of the society can live in peace and harmony. It is only public pressure that will make the system take action and deliver rights. 

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