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Ban smokers from smoking in public areas

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Today while walking down a road someone smoked on my face. Literally. And that's the worse thing because it almost blinded me for a second and left me dizzy. This reminded me of another case a few months back when I asked a bhaiyyaji to not smoke in public places, or at least not on people's faces! I said to him very politely but his reply was very impolite, rather extremely rude. He replied in a manner that no educated man would have argued any further. I couldn't voice my opinion there and then so I am voicing my opinion here and now, to a higher authority which can really make a change.

Every educated man knows that passive smoking is more harmful than direct (active) smoking. It can damage lungs as second hand smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, many of which are irritants and toxins and some of which are known to cause cancer. It can even cause fibrosis which results in scarring of lung tissues and ultimately death. In an article released by TOI on September 21, 2015 it was clearly stated that

  • 32% Indian males and 19% Indian females are subjected to second hand smoking at work.
  • 1.3 Million in South East Asia are killed every year due to tobacco. This includes those who have never even smoked.

According to a proforma found on the website of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences -

  • The non smokers (passive smokers) are affected by passive smoking. About 82% of stroke, 48% of cancer, 25% heart disease, 25% of lung cancer, 75% breast cancer, 40% asthma and 40% of sudden child death syndrome.
  • In India, overall statistics says that passive smoking causes around 30 to 53% of asthma in Mumbai, 1% die per day and 9, 00,000 people die per year by passive smoking. In Uttar Pradesh 50% men and 9.1 % women are affected by passive smoking in 2001. The smoking prevalence rate in urban men above 15 years [ 46% to 65% ] and it is high in rural men [ 32% to 74%]. In Karnataka various surveys reported the57% adult male, 41% children and 14.9% women death occur in a year by passive smoking. Overall 10,000 of population dies annually by smoking related diseases. In Bangalore around 9% of total population suffers from asthma due to passive smoking in 1980. 27% in 2009 and 40% with other smoking related disease.
  • A Study was conducted by tuberculosis association of India in feb-2010. In the published report they concluded that passive smoking increase the risk of importance in male adult between 20 to 40 years. Approximately 85% higher in male smokers and is a key factor causing erectile dysfunction [EDF].

Therefore It's a request to the responsible,sensible and respectable citizens of India to sign this petition, so that we can save us, our children, our family members, and all those non-smokers, from the smokers who already have put their life at risk. Our life is precious and important, don't let any smoker harm it.

Also, it's a request to the respective authorities to take the necessary action. Eradication or limitation of passive smoking can contribute heavily to the development of our country and country people, save lives and even contribute in making the world a better place.


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