Ban pornographic content in India

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Our youth is being destroyed by pornographic content on Internet. Rape cases are on a rise In our country and these websites promoting pornographic content are responsible for it. Day by day searches for rape porn are increasing

In a 2014 report, ABP Live stated that 80% of college students in India watched porn; 40% of these watched rape porn and 76% admitted that watching rape porn led to the desire to rape women.
Rohit Kumar, 22, a seller of pirated DVDs in Chandigarh, claimed that desi and foreign rape videos are highly sought after. “Everyone, students, rickshawwala bhaiyas and older gentlemen” all like rape videos, according to him. 

Keywords included “Indian girls raped”, “raping video”, “raping stories”, “raped in public”, “little girl raped”, “raping mom”, “father raping daughter” and “raped to death”.
We’ve also seen cases of perpetrators uploading videos and photos of rapes and beatings. Instead of being ashamed about it, some people are enjoying it.

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These stats are really disturbing. 

Some stats released by a famous website revealed that there is a 222% increase in bhabi devar videos. Where are we taking our society? Our great culture is being degraded by these profit making websites which poison the minds of young people.

This is shameful and will cause big problems of our country in future. I request you to please sign this petition because these sites destroying our yluth and turning them into rapists should be stopped immediately. Pls save our youth