Ban on PUBG mobile game in India.

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There is this game called PUBG by tencent games it is a multiplayer battle royal game in which upto 100 players can join in. One round of this game lasts between 30-45 mins and it is highly addictive. The youth has shown a lot of interest in this game and are spending nights playing this. It has put a huge impact on people’s day to day life especially to that of modern youth. It has a dastric effect on students’ studies as well. Students even tend to play this game at nights and they usually stay up very late, this might effect the mental health of the students as well.  A lot of students have complained of failing because of this game too. This game is so addictive that it is very hard to stop playing. It keeps them busy and takes all the time and puts it somewhere wrong. I request you all to sign this petition and save our youth from doing these kinds of things if not done anything it might effect the nations growth. I request all the parents and as well as youth to sign this petition and save the youth from this game. Thank you.