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Dear frieds;

Film Padmavati must be totally  banned because Alllauddin Khilji was a Barbaric Raxas  known on the earth. He has carried out unimaginable atrocities on both Hindus and Muslims.Apart from his atrocities n Rani Padmavati and other 16000 Hindu women, following few more atrocities were carried out by   Allauddin Khilji. 

1) Allauddin ordered his  army to  march and  attacked Somnath Temple in 1299 AD. Thusands of nearby Kshatriyas resisted and became martyrs. After defeating small nearby kings; Allauddins army soldiers killed  .40,000 innocent citizens and totally looted them. 

2) Allauddin's army totally destroyed Somnath temple and looted gold, diamonds worth billions of rupees 

3) Allauddin killed 38000 innocent citizens in karnavati ( Ahmedabad) after his victory over Karadev  Vaghela in 1299 and 1303 A.D. 

 4) Alauddin ordered ('Farman') to prohibit marriages of all  Hindu girls of Jat-land ( north India),so as to inspect by soldiers of His army and all good looking'  girls will be taken to delhi.

5) Allauddin killed thousands of innocent children of muslim soldiers who revolted against him,  in front of their mothers! never seen before in history! He made it a tradition! 

       Such barbarian Raxas has been  glorified in film Padmavati because none of his above barbarian acts are shown in the film.

Dr.  Jayendrasinh  Jadeja


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