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Avoid Tax against basic necessity - Food

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With introduction of GST on restaurants where common people eat their meal daily, the Govt.
is trying to impose tax on the basic necessities of people. That too four times a day. Horrible!

Currently, the small/medium restaurants are not chargeing the customers any tax on the basic necessity food. The restaurants
are paying a turnover tax to the govt. which they can manage themselves. I honestly feel it is a public service done by these restaurants.
But with the imposition of GST, which is 12% on the restaurants, they will not be able to pay it from their pockets and
hence charge the customers for it. What it means in terms of your bill, for every Rs. 100 worth food consumed,
the customer is forced to pay Rs. 112. In effect instead the customer ends up paying Rs. 36 extra everyday.
That is insane expense for a basic necessity - FOOD! This is a INSULT to our tradition of ANNA DHANA. GOD help them.

Possible effect of GST:
1. Public to bare the tax burden for even their necessity - food.
2. Jewellary which is a luxuary product is taxed at 3%, where as food which is a basic necessity is taxed at 12%
3. Vegitables and rice which has a longer shelf life has no tax, but cooked food whose shelf life is very less is taxed
4. Road side vendors who don't have tax burden will attract more customer. But people are then compelled to eat unhygienic food.
5. Finally, the small restaurants will run out of business and hence govt. will also loose all revenue.

I got a chance to speak to a few restaurant owners and everyone were unhappy about the GST bill on restaurants.

I think the GST regime for restaurant has to be rewritten for the sake of COMMON MAN LIKE YOU and I. Please show your support.

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