Ask Narendra Modi to pledge US $40 Mn to Global Fund to Fight Against AIDS, TB and Malaria

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The Global Fund to Fight Against AIDS, TB and Malaria has embarked on its 6th Replenishment process to fund the next three-year cycle of implementation for 2020 – 2022. In this Replenishment, the Global Fund aims to raise at least US $14 billion which will help save 16 million lives, cut the mortality rate from HIV, TB and malaria in half and build stronger health systems by 2023. From India, the India Working Group for Health Advocacy (IWG) on behalf of he Communities & Civil Society request the Government of India to pledge at least US$40 million, double what we pledged in the last Replenishment cycle. 

The reason? The world is not on track to end the epidemics of these three diseases. Globally, HIV is the leading cause of early death among women ages 15 – 49 years. A total of 37.6 million people now live with HIV, and 1.8 million new infections are added annually. TB is the world’s leading infectious disease, with over 10 million new cases each year and an estimated 1.8 million deaths annually.  Malaria infected an estimated 219 million cases in 2017, killing an estimated 435,000 people, including 266, 000 children under the age of five.

India has made history by being the first country from the global south to ever host a Preparatory Meeting for the Global Fund’s 6th Replenishment. This highlights India’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the commitment to step up the fight against the three diseases. Donor countries’ continuous support to the Global Fund sends a clear and strong message in our committed fight against HIV, TB and Malaria. 

Therefore, the IWG urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Government of India to:

  • Call on India to double the pledge to US $40 million for the 6th Global Fund Replenishment.
  • Reflect on the commitment to global health in its national efforts by increasing the national health expenditure of 1.2% of GDP to 2.5% of GDP now.
  • Lead the global donor community, by announcing an early pledge, and rally other countries to increase their pledges to the Global Fund 6th Replenishment.