So Called General Caste Are Tribes of India. Prove It Wrong Or Give Us ST Certificate.

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I know that reservation is needed to protect and uplift the lower caste in India. But what is the criteria to define one as SC, ST or OBC? I am claiming that government of India has to prove that we, the so called general category, are not tribes of India. 

From historical views and mixed civilization, it is not easy to predict about the origin of a people's blood from his/her surname or living status. 

If the Government of India fail to prove the so called general category are not tribes of India, then every person in general category has to be certified as scheduled tribe (ST). 

We, the so called general category, are claiming that we are Tribes of India, which the government either has to prove wrong with proper evidences and by Anthropological study or has to issue S.T. certificate to the so called general category. 

Here is the signs of the people of so called general category, who claim that they're basically tribes of India. 


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