Stop mass balloon releases!

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All of us know about the ceremonial mass release of balloon in the air on Republic Day of India, 26th January.

But do we know what happens to the balloons after they start deflating?

They just start to descend and ultimately fall on to the earth. They may land in some city,village, lakes, oceans, forests or anywhere else and litter that place. These bits of balloons may look enticing to animals, who will choke on it if they try to eat it.

Companies may claim these are biodegradable, which may be true, but they will degrade at a very slow rate until which they are hazardous to the animals and the environment. 

It's not fair to release these balloons just for the sake of entertainment of 10 mins and then let them harm the environment for years.

I would like you to sign this petition to help me ask the government of India to stop this Balloon release on the occasion of Republic Day of India (26th January).