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Careless society with careless government what doctors are going to do ?

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Doctors are regularly being thrashed , lampooned by the media and they have become a creature to be hated by the public at large. Medicine was never and will never be an exact science and doctors are not God. Once government and people are dragging doctors to consumer courts obviously it means that there is a business relationship between a doctor and his/ her patients after that is agreed why public at large tries to find and expect higher ideals from doctors. Moreover modern medicine is not cheap and this uncertainty increases  when one tries to prolong the life of a patient on life saving devices like ventilators . Have we not seen multitude of patients who were on ventilators got cured and went home , simultaneously not small number also succumbed while on ventilation.  Many life saving devices and its management are extremely costly. If government of the day fends these costs there will be no complaints . however when some body has to pay from his pockets that problem arise. While we all believe there should be proper rules and regulation to see that these devices are not misused , there can be no justification of tarnishing the images of doctors and even killing them or hurting them griveously by the  relatives of the patients . We understand that that relatives are in distress but who has given them rights to kill or hurt the doctors who are doing the job in difficult circumstances. Government of the day has the responsibility to punish these mobs with exemplary punishment and  they should be made to pay for the doctors treatment in the best possible p[lace in the country and police should automatically file compensation and criminal cases against these indisciplined mob. Another important part is tarnishing the names of doctors by media trials . Once the doctor is exonerated, how the media is going to give back their honor and reputation in the society . We feel that media should behave responsibly . There is an urgent need to protect a doctors reputation , life and limb from the increasing aggression by mobs , public and media. Is our government ( Central & states ) listening?

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