An appeal on Reality of Reservation in India.

An appeal on Reality of Reservation in India.

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Hemant Chauhan started this petition to Government of India. and

Reservation is needed & is an important contributor to the growth of society as a whole but ...

Namaste, a very warm wish to you for 2020. I am putting forward a suggestion that I strongly feel is going to make positive Impact for Indian Citizens by optimizing the concept of Reservation to a "Wholesome Reservation"

The concept of reservation is very clear within our society, it is needed and there are strong notions for and against it.

Sadly the concept that was made to uplift the downtrodden & weaker sections of our society, has led to a rift between unreserved and reserved category.

In 2019, Indian Government passed a bill of Reservation on Economic basis to help economically weaker sections of our society & to ease out disparities in distribution of opportunities among people who really need this support.

Reservation over decades have led to following issues and problems that are now presenting a danger of a fragmented and an inefficient society.

  1. Reservation has not been able to remove stigma associated with a particular caste, in fact the negativity between reserved and unreserved category has increased and there is mistrust and caste based biases amongst us.
  2. Even if someone is well qualified and a deserving candidate for a Govt position and they are from reserved category, they are still looked at with disdain & considered lesser in skills and aptitude because of SC/ST/O.B.C label .
  3. The reserved category causes accumulation of similar caste persons from reserved category to increase in numbers in Govt departments  such as Railways, Income Tax etc, this has created "groupism" leading to practices of over looking unethical practices as same caste people tend to support each other even when wrong practices are followed.
    1. Its like "His boss is X caste so he will support & not report a X caste corrupt employee" and so on ...
  4. The clear byproducts of Reservation in government departments are
    1. Nepotism
    2. Growth of Corruption
    3. Inefficiency in Performance.
    4. Compromise of resources & opportunities on a national scale.
  5. The caste and communities now consider it as their right to have reservation, which in its principal goes against the idea of equality.
  6. The population of backward communities and tribes living in remote areas, in negative life conditions, are bereft from the benefits of the limited resources that we as a society and government have to offer in our reservation schemes.
  7. The politics that should focus on issues of development, health, safety, economy are sidelined as caste cards are the key to winning elections, there is a stronger caste bias due to reservation.
  8. Reservation instead of being a Vitamin to strengthen our society has become a harmful drug addiction that is slowly killing our society from inside.

The Solutions : Wholesome Reservation

A reserved category family should be encouraged to give up Reservation after two generation have benefited from it.

If a father or Mother from the reserved category has been a Government officer and their Sons / Daughter have also used the benefits to join government services, than their grand kids should be freed up from the label of reserved category.

If even the third generation of this family has to use Reservation benefits, then it means the concept of Reservation has failed in its entirety.

That the family of a weaker section has not developed even after two generations have benefited from Reservation, is actually a question that needs an answer from the community leaders and politicians.

The minds of our society will always be categorized as lower and higher if we are still not able to have a position on "a support that is available even though it is not actually needed by this family that is now "developed" and at par in all aspects with the rest of society.

When a reserved category person gives up the status of being reserved they should be provided an additional 5% bump in standard salaries for giving up the reserved status.This 5% benefit shall be a a small gesture of appreciation and also helps in removing the Stigma associated with reserved category.

Wholesome Reservation is a positive way of developing up and come at par with society. It is about acceptance that after support for two generations, the families of the communities have developed and surrendering quota for other deserving people from their own community.

I feel that various Commissions in Indian Government, Leaders of Reserved Communities and person in our immediate contact from SC/ST/O.B.C need to start discussion on this.

I don't want my future generation to grow up in a hateful & an inefficient society. I don't want my kids to grow up where they judge someone negatively by their last name.

As a citizen I want my country to appreciate the positivity of our own families that we should share with other families no matter what caste they are.

We have a strong government, we dont want people to suffer or hate each other or allow inefficiencies in our system to perpetuate because of reservation as it is currently. 

We need the "Wholesome Reservation" discussion to start in our country.

A happy year to all of you.

Lastly a humble request of SC/ST/O.B.C communities, Let's not allow mistakes of old times to be a permanent hurdle to what we can achieve together in future

Jai Hind












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