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To make it compulsory providing of PAID MENSTRUAL LEAVES for working women..

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As per the recent article published in newspaper regarding providing PAID MENSTRUAL LEAVES for working women in india.As providing PAID MENSTRUAL LEAVES procedure has adopted in foreign countries that valuing women problems and their self respect, I need Indian organisations and companies in india should provide paid menstrual leaves for women.India is the country which considers women should get cardial respect and they are deserved to get respected from everyone.It's universal truth that without women there is no birth to new life.For such great ones we as a citizen of india have to consider their problems and needs support to make women comfortable.In ancient or olden days women were not supposed to do any works when they were in menstrual cycle.But in globalisation and making competitive environment and making women feel they loss their opportunities makes them work even in menstrual time. EVEN THOUGH it's risky and makes them sick of working hard when menstrual time,they are supposing to work because of need to sustain in the fear of unemployment & personal reasons that organisations never mind.So,I am requesting everyone please support this cause to provide compulsory PAID menstrual leaves for women and work from home facilities for both public and private sectors organisations.Corporate sectors should amend this compulsory without any disgusting behaviour with women for their reason. It's need to be open reason to take leaves without shy for women. Any organisation who behaves abusive in thier personal issue needs to be strictly punishable under government laws.Its not one person issue.Its for everyone in india countable issue.I am requesting the honourable prime minister of India and other honourable dignities, media people, to make this success and make women happy. 


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