Amendment in dowry, eve teasing and rape laws

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We respect women, we all do - from starting of our life they take care of us as mother, during teen age they are sometimes best companions as sister or friends , during married life period they are our soul mates till we die. For their protection we are always there but there are many evil elements in the society who disrespect them and create unfavorable conditions for them , because of these evil elements we needed Rape, Dowry, and eve teasing laws in India.We are having GDP Growth of 7% and other side every hour 2-3 rapes of foreign and Indian women is reported. But today the society has changed, people has changed and their mentality too has changed. In India there are several cases like this are not even reported and women face problems, the other side is there are several false case reported by women too which also effects the man very badly and defaces his image in the society. I appeal to government of India to make some amendments in Rape, Dowry and eve teasing laws according to current society as many man are also committing suicide and also getting mentally disturbed due to the false case registered against him.Indian laws were made by British, we are Indians and need change according to us because we have to live here not the British. The change request is as follow: ( in all laws rape, dowry and eve teasing)

1. If the petitioner who has filed the case is wrong he/she will face the same punishment as the guilty was going to get, this will reduce false cases which do this for money and fame.

2. National Women Care Helpline(Under Prime Minister Of India) where women should not report these cases to local police rather call National Women Care helpline and report their case to a female representative they will track and assign this case to local police station(It will stop Bribe and abuse questions of police from women and case will have direct track with autonomous body)

3. If rape is proved on the person he should be getting death penalty and boycotted from all govt. services he is using - water, electricity etc.

4. Special law for juvenile rapists - A person who knows how to rape is not a juvenile and has a adult tag in his mind so he should not be treated like a juvenile rather an adult laws should be implemented on him( Being juvenile is an advantage today as they are protected from laws)


Lets make a better nation, No Rape, No Crime - Equality to men and women

Women empowerment is gender discrimination creating diffrences as they are alredy empowered. Let's grow towards human empowerment and create equality.

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