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Against reservation we stand united......

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Its the 21st century and i guess we human beings have progressed in each field but why are privileges given to some people based on their caste. Caste system has always been a "bane" for a great developing nation like INDIA. I am not ignoring the fact that some castes have been oppressed and were exploited by others in the past but its been 70 years from the independence of our nation and the reservations were given in the 1990s. its been almost 3 decades since the start of this system. And mark my words 3 decades are enough for anyone to climb up the socio-economic ladder. Hence people its the high time that we stand against this system because this system has created more differences between castes. This system has divided people. A student from unreserved category can get selected in All India Quota at 80000 rank but a student from reserved category gets a medical college at 550000 AIR. Is this the unity that our leaders are talking about? Is this the unity in diversity that they have been teaching us about? Its a competitive world and students need competition, but are we giving the reserved category the permission to attend college because of his/her capability? No, its just because they were born in an ST family and they have quota. If this keeps going on I seriously ask the Govt. to lock all of the unreserved people in a bunker and poison us because you people are not less than Hitler. During the days when mother earth will be polluted and there will be not enough air for each person...its a humble request distribute oxygen cylinders according to reservation quota because the biggest mistake of our life was to be born in a family where we don't fall under reservation quota!!

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