Activism against Underage Drug and Alcohol Consumption

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Underage alcoholism and Drug Abuse is not just a cause of death, but it is also a negative habit that affects our body, specifically the excretory system. In addition, since young people have yet to develop their mental and physical capabilities, alcoholism may give them a greater risk of facing numerous health and social consequences compared to adults. Some of these effects are:

  • Vitamin and mineral imbalances occur due to the interference of alcohol in the body's absorption process.
  • Nephritis, or the inflammation of kidneys, may be acquired. Some symptoms of this disease are swelling of body tissues in the legs, feet, and hands.
  • Kidney failures may also occur and lead to the last stage of liver cancer.
  • When one's kidneys and liver lose their functions, the body reaches a critical state and may result to death.
  • Common side effects include appetite changes,vomiting, weight loss, headaches, sleep disturbance, and even comatose.
  • They are more likely to be involved in car accidents. 
  • Alcohol helps in increasing depression.
  • Negative outcomes occur with their academic performance. 
  • They would have a hard time in being able to maintain relationships with peers and friends, especially when they consume more alcohol than what is usual among their peer group.
  • Adolescents are making themselves vulnerable to being the victims of crimes and may even display aggressive behavior.

Half of all new drug users are under the age of 18. Experimentation plays the biggest role in teenage drug use. However, experimentation is a fact of life and just because a teen has tried drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean they will become an addict. It’s more important to understand why some teens are tempted to experiment.

Common reasons teens abuse drugs include:

  • Curiosity
  • Peer pressure
  • Stress
  • Emotional struggles
  • A desire to escape

 Remember, avoid drugs today and cast one's worries away!