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Action against One more Fraud Bapu of ahmedabad misguiding people

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Amidst the fraud Godmen being held several years after committing crime, this is the time to teach a lesson to the 'aspiring' fraud people.

The person Mr. Dashrath Patel calling himself as Bapu dashrath patel from Ahmedabad has similar intentions. Initially from Bramhakumaris, now he has started his own cult by name of 'Behad parivar'. His son anant patel using modern methods of communications, started youtube channel, works through close whats app groups. Bapu is giving personal significance to the postulates of science: says that there are multiple universes and each universe as is created by shiv hence for these multi multi verses there is one self coined ' almighty authority' and who is above all the Gods. That almighty authority has left his behad ki atmas in this world, those who continuously meditate (keep reciting name of bapu) will come to know as his soul has a recording of this. Later in successive videos, he claimed that through yog, the almighty authority has Himself told him that he is the saakar roop of that almighty authority and he is here for a special purpose that is vishvaparivartan. Asks followers to avoid sexual intercourse with spouses leaving the partner distressed leading to marital discords, claims that he can cure cancer in seconds, asked the followers to advertise his name across country through huge banners stickers pamphlets etc, more the followers do, more they will be closer to 108/1008 group of souls who will be taken to another behad ka bramhand by him through special 'vimaan'. Asks followers not to follow any festivals of this world and only chant his name his devised mantra. Initially he attracted viewers in the name of meditation, keeps on giving them directions quoting name of behad ka dada. His son anant interacts with male followers and daughter in law sakshi with female followers preaching to remain pure by practising celibacy, that eventually is leading to grave marital discord and disturbances in the family. Need your help, Save countrymen from falling prey to the fraudulent preachings of Bapu Dasrath Patel and Anant Patel.

Has called his followers in  first week of  october 2017for darshan,

Declared 18 jan 2018 as date of judgement when he will attain the special powers and his followers will also realize their own powers of behad ki atmaa.

My close relatives got trapped into this, forcing them to practise celibacy leading to severe dysfunctions in their personal and family life. Need your support and help.


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