We request the Government of India to make health policies to support Long-Covid Patients.

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A significant number of individuals report suffering from symptoms of Covid-19 for weeks after the first symptom was experienced. These prolonged symptoms were found in individuals who were never serious enough to be admitted to the hospital and even individuals who were discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment.

Among the global pandemic, where the worlds doctors and researchers were focused on dealing with the massive patient population suffering from the acute nature of Covid-19, individuals with prolonged Covid symptoms were forgotten.

These individuals came together on social media to share their experiences with each other and soon gave birth to the term ‘Long Covid’.

Long Covid is an unofficial term that was used by these individuals to describe their experiences and find solace in the company of others like them. It was a term used to bring together a community of people that were forgotten in their isolation.

Long Covid is not a single organization, a single person, a single nation, a single research group. It is a grassroot movement of people who came together in solidarity to ask them to provide for recognition, rehabilitation and research. We really need to keep using Long Covid. Long Covid is a testament to those who fought for it, even when they didn’t know if they were going to die or live.

An exact definition for Long Covid has been problematic to establish due to lacking research about the condition.

People have been crippled for life and even have lost their lives due to the after effect of COVID-19. We can help save millions of lives from this preventable disease. Hence we request you to sign this petition and show your support for the Long-Haulers. 

These Long Haulers need recognition, rehabilitation and research. You all can help them by signing this petition and letting the government know that LONG COVID actually exists and something needs to be done!

We, researchers and every long-covid hauler would be thankful for your help and support.