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Abolishment of Cast Based reservations system in INDIA

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Today we are living in 21 st century but still we face many issues due to this reservation system whether it comes to competitive exams or jobs in India.All the Sc/ST are not  Economically poor and all the general candidates are not economically ahead.It is the main factor that many of the talented students leave India as their can't find the jobs due to this reservation based criteria.So abolishment of reservation can throw a great impact and even lot of people or students who sometimes find it unfair that students with sc/st score less than them and even are not poor but still get admitted to colleges like IIT'S or get  jobs .

Growth of a nation can be faster if a variety of people from all communities are bootstrapped with the power of education. So, the fees for the form of IIT or other JEE examination is X for the general castes, and X/2 or X/3 for the reserved ones. Strangely enough when it comes to admission in private schools whose quality of education is better than the government ones, the cost of the form is Y for all of them. Essentially we are applying a scheme whose tagline can be summed up as,
"Keep them uneducated till they grow up. Later we will put them into some government college based on their caste."
The government should make an endeavour to educate the so called backward class right from the grassroot level, so that later on they don't need the assistance of reservation to get into a respectable university.

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