रोजगार मे बदलाव एवं स्थिरता, Changes and Stability in Employment.

रोजगार मे बदलाव एवं स्थिरता, Changes and Stability in Employment.

4 September 2020
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Why this petition matters

Changes in employment:

From my point of view, for the sake of further improvement of the citizens of every India, I request the Government to pay attention to the following points:

Companies come and leave with profit, so:

1. For the safety and stability of the public, all non-government companies (Private limited or limited) should get their employment on the e-portal employment page of the Government of India. 

2. Show that the month salary will be as follows, 

Starting Starting Salary:

ITI holder (ITI) - 25000.
Diploma holder (Diploma ) - 30000.
B-Tech holder (B-TECH) -35000.
Graduate - 30000. 
Executive Officers (Executive) -45000.

* Annual growth with a minimum of 10%.

* Experience should be based on salary, experience and knowledge for the candidates, after minimum salary. 

3. VERY IMPORTANT: * To prevent corruption, the annual evaluation rules should be the same for all posts (either executive / non-executive) in India.

* Disciplinary and action rules for annual assessment should be created by the government directly with the help of non-executive cadre (of each company), not to empower companies to make and change rules. 

4. According to several newspapers like Times of India, India Times dated: 6.05.2020; In March-April, one out of 4 jobs in India has gone away. 

5. It will happen that the salary of Indian citizens will never be arbitrary by the company, nor will it be deducted, nor will it be taken away, nor will companies be able to pretend that we are in loss. 

6. How many of my mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends have fallen victim to this unemployment, they have tried to take India forward by understanding their responsibility, but now it is the turn of the government to make a small effort and the love of their dear countrymen To take responsibility, to burn the stove in their homes, their stability, their future. 

7. Government will get more tax and financial crisis will also end. 

8. For Micro Small Scale Industries Employers whose investment is below 5 lacs, they can paid only WAGES according to Qualification (which is published by the Central Government) with EPF, ESI facility. 

Thank you,

Forward and share, if agreed, to improve the status of each and every person.

Jai Hind.

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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